What to write about when you have no clue what to write about

I wonder if someone who has only been blogging a couple of months could get away with a blast from the past post? No? You really mean no? Meanies!

11123587_10205612965077532_704982530_nI have listened to my blogging friends beg for blogging ideas for years. I always assumed they were joking. After all they were wonderfully witty and always came up with the most interesting stuff and everything. Now admittedly they would often call what I am attempting right now “The Blather”. The Blather is what a writer does for filler in a blog or op-ed piece when they have no clue what to say.
Now, with some writers Blather is the best part of their writing. Sara Hoyt is, in my opinion,at her most fascinating when she wanders off into the world of her childhood. Tales of her village life in the 60s strike a chord with me that resonates with my rural Kentucky background. Sometimes I believe the two worlds were similar, sometimes the absolutely alien nature of the differences astounds me.

With Amanda Green writing, when she has no idea what to write about, usually takes the form of finding idiocy in the news and calling the writers on it. Her pet peeves are education and the modern perception of the police. She thinks the modern educational system is failing our children in the name of political correctness. I happen to agree with her. She also thinks the police are getting a bad rap on social media, I’m not as sure about that one. Not that I don’t think the police are often attacked unjustly by various interest groups. I simply think that there isn’t enough accountability for the bad cops and having misdeeds get a little attention is a good thing.

Dave Freer is another matter. I don’t see him do Blather as much. His personal blog is a simple, often hilarious, account of his life in rural Australia. Anyone who refers to himself as Dr. Monkey must be delightfully warped. His home blog has problems that every person who has lived in the country can understand while also being accessible to the understanding of urban types. His blog often reminds me of the delightful movies from the early part of the twentieth century where they took a typical middle class New Yorker and dumped him in the wilds of rural New England. Forcing him to adapt to a different culture. Dave comes to the rural culture naturally, he simply spends some effort translating his experiences into language that urban types can understand.

My personal favorite of the bloggers I am going to be talking about today is Cedar Sanderson. She had better be my favorite, I’m marrying her at Libertycon. The only thing is that I can’t write about her Blathering, she is too organized for that. She blogs daily Monday is this topic, Tuesday is that, and so on. Some days she does art, some days are photography, some are food. While she is berating me right now that she does blather it is a little different when one has the topic of the day set. For me Blathering is filler for when you don’t have enough topic or have no topic. She avoids that.

This brings us to the Australian Mistress of Snark, Kate Paulk She regularly begs her friends for blog ideas on Wednesday night, for her blog post on Thursday. They usually come up with something that deserves to be derided. I can’t tell whether Kate Blathers or nor. She tends to such scathing snark of whatever her victim, err subject, of the week is that I would be liable to miss Blather among it.

And there you have it. When I have no idea what to talk about, I talk about my friends. Incidentally I managed an introduction to the Mad Genius Club a blog mostly about writing, mostly. Actually I had a really nice post written for today. Then I realized it belonged there instead of here. This isn’t really the place for nuts and bolts writing advice. So the one I had written for here will be guest posted Saturday there.  Come see me.

2 comments on “What to write about when you have no clue what to write about

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  2. […] is a guest post by Sanford Begley. You can find his other work at the Otherwhere Gazette where he primarily writes wit and wisdom with a fannish tinge. Around here, he’s probably better […]


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