Ask a Geek Anything, issue four.

Good Afternoon, and welcome to Ask a Geek Anything, issue four, the spot in the blogosphere where we’ll attempt to answer all your questions that won’t get us yanked from New York… And this episode probably comes close.
Our first question comes from James Resoldier, of Roseville, CA, who says:
Quick question for traveling shooters.
How does one take along a rifle and pistol on trip involving commercial aircraft? I’m absolutely sure that you can’t just toss it in. You have to declare it, or something. What’s the procedure?
Well James, glad you asked, because as the resident firearms fanatic here at AAGA this is right down my alley. I’ve flown with firearms several times, and this is one of those questions that in the Navy we called Theory to Practice… First off there’s theory:
This is how it’s supposed to work: “10 Gun Tips You Need To Know About Flying With Guns Flying with guns isn’t as difficult as it seems http://blog.beretta.com/10-gun-tips-you-need-to-know-about-flying-with-guns.” addition, you can see Deviant Ollum and the Defcon hacker forums, he’s got an in depth presentation etc on it at https://www.defcon.org
Then there’s practice…
as Tom McHale insinuates, different airports interpret the simple black and white laws differently. Flying out of SeaTac, with my freaking POLICE BADGE and WARRANT CARD, I got my Department issued ammo confiscated for “not being in the original manufacturer’s box.” NO WHERE does it say in the rules of the airline I was in, nor in the laws the TSA is supposed to follow that the ammo must be in the original manufacturers box… they took the ammo and the plastic case the ammo was in, with a sneer and a “Well, you can surrender this to us, or go back home to whatever Podunk burg you’re a cop at and get the original box and catch a later flight” I’m thinking the asshat just wanted some really good ammo (we were issued Golden saber 180 GR P+P 40 S&W) for free. If this sounds like I’m still pissed about this, well that’s because I am. Abuse of authority like that would have cost me my job, these fucknuts probably got a raise, at least I can say with certainty that their chain of command couldn’t care less when complaints were filed. On the other hand the easiest airport I ever flew out of was Dulles in D.C. believe it or not. They didn’t care to even look at the gun, just “oh there’s a pistol in this one? OK, sir have a nice flight.” So the lesson to be learned is come WAY early, have your ammo in the original box, just to preclude issues.
Our second question of the day comes from Brad Sewell at address unknown.- If what is good for you is what you should want, why is it that so many people want what is bad for them and vote for the people who will give that to them?
Well I’m going to hand that Question over to the Digital Pythoness, because my answer would be too snarky for our editor’s blood pressure.
“Brad, People desire goodness, but are not necessarily equipped to recognize goodness when they see it. When men have no means to subject their base desires to scrutiny for long term outcomes, they have little hope of figuring out that what feels good isn’t necessarily good for them.

Remember Exodus. I’m not making a religious point, but a practical one. The people of Israel had been enslaved by Egypt. When it came time to throw off the chains, they resisted, because they got free food, a roof over their heads, all in exchange for labor. Even in hardship, Moses had to make a fairly hard sell to get people to leave… even if they were being asked to do the impossible and punished for predictable failures. Even when they left, they were still bitching and whining and moaning about “the good life” AS SLAVES.

What does this have to do with voting?

In the same way, some people will give up real freedoms for things like free food, money and a free phone. Keep in mind that many of these voters are also being told, day in and day out, that they do not have many freedoms, that they are still being oppressed, repressed, abused and hated. They believe the choices they have are meaningless through propaganda and “racial studies” narratives. When they vote for that next big shiny benefit, they feel like they are scoring points against a villain. That villain would be the rest of us.

Similarly, the Plebeians in ancient Rome were played by Caesar Augustus. They were handy tools of rioting and pressure against the Senate. All Caesar had to do was deny bread and circuses to get violence applied to the right district to prove his point. Funny how we’ve stopped teaching this little history lesson in grade school. Perhaps our fellow countrymen would recognize the pattern when it is used– apparently for them, but also against them.

Reminds me of something Alex de Tocqueville has said…

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.

With 47% of the people sucking on the government teat, I think Congress has figured it out.”

OK, well I guess that wasn’t much less snarky, but at least there was less profanity.

And finally,
We got a number of questions involving Warhammer 40K from Jonathan LaForce, so instead of answering them all in separate posts, Amanda Fuesting thought she would treat it like an interview.
Q- When is it unacceptable to have extreme amounts of dakka?
If you’re an ork, the answer is never. If you’re any other race with concerns about running out of ammo in a bad situation, or losing attacks while reloading, the answer is that it may be best to conserve your ammunition and use semi-auto or a bigger gun. However, if more dakka is needed, I suggest using something belt fed and preferably vehicle mounted.

Q- Is the use of Slaneeshi porn considered heretical if it raises morale in the unit and the Commissar likes it?
A Commissar would never debase himself in such a vile fashion. Of course, if yours were inclined to do so, I imagine that when the Inquisition found out the entire unit would probably be executed for heresy.

Q- What do you get when you cross a Waaaaagh and a tyranid hive fleet?
If you’re as resourceful as the heroic Commissar Ciaphas Cain, the combination of the two may provide an excellent distraction and opportunity for career advancement. If you’re not, the Imperium will honor your noble sacrifice to hold back the enemies under dire circumstances. Please attempt to retain all vital intelligence for the Space Marine chapter that will arrive for clean-up of the planet.
Q- Are Tyranid spores an appropriate gift for one’s mother in-law?
As tempting an idea as this may be, the risk to the rest of the star system makes this an inadvisable gift. You may instead consider getting her an all-expense paid vacation to a world with a suspected gene stealer infestation.
Q- Do I paint the Star of Chaos on my mother in-law’s roof before or after I call the Inquisition?
Paint it before you call them, and then call them from another star system, possibly while in hiding under a false name. They may want to track down all known relations to makes sure that everyone else in the family is still loyal to the Emperor, and innocence proves nothing. Also, given how classified that information is, I’m sure they’d be interested to learn how you know what it looks like.
Q- Are anonymous Vox-caster calls to the Ordo Malleus really all that anonymous?
In light of this series of questions, the Inquisitor behind me highly recommends that you answer your door. I suppose the answer to this question would be no.

This is a list of terms for those who are unfamiliar with the Warhammer 40K universe.
Dakka- Dakka is a reference to the rapid fire of automatic weapons. The reference comes from Orks, who are notoriously bad marksmen. They make up for this by putting as many rounds downrange as fast as possible.
Slaneeshi- Slaneesh is the Chaos god of excess. Some of her followers take kink to a new and disturbing level.
Star of Chaos- This represents Chaos united, which means all the Chaos gods working together. It really never ends well.
Inquisition- This is the secretive law enforcement agency that protects humanity from everything that goes bump in the night. Think a horrible combination of the Waffen ss, the CIA, and the KGB. Now make that a million times worse, constantly at war with itself, and with absolutely unlimited power.
Tyranid- Aliens of a variety of quickly evolving species that are controlled by a hive mind. These aliens consume planets down to bedrock in order to fuel their reproduction and evolution.
Gene stealer- Gene stealers implant humans with an organ that makes them part of the hive mind. The humans involved don’t know that they’ve been affected, and act as scouts for the tyranid Hive Fleet in its attempt to find new planets to consume.
Waaaaagh- Waaaagh is the Ork word for war. A Waaaagh is the inevitable result of an Ork strong enough and charismatic enough to unite several tribes of Orks together. Waaaagh is also the battle cry of the Orks. They don’t exactly have a large vocabulary.
Vox-caster- Essentially, this is a device that works like a radio.
Ordo Malleus- This is the sub-section of the Inquisition that is responsible for protecting humanity against Chaos demons.
OK that’s all for today folks, we’re out of room, so going to pass on the TLA section.  Remember you can contact any of us directly through Facebook, (except Sgt Schultz) or you can send your questions to this blog directly, and we’ll get to them as quick as we can. Good Day.

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  1. Star of Chaos- This represents Chaos united, which means all the Chaos gods working together. It really never ends well.

    Wait, are you suggesting that something in Warhammer STARTS OUT in a condition that could be called ‘well’?

    (We have an Ork Van. More Dakka and “it goes faster” are involved.)

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