Ask A Geek Anything, going on hiatus

Good evening folks,

As you saw in Pat’s missive, OG is going dark, so of course, AAGA is as well, but that doesn’t mean we’re going away.  Look for us after the first of the year, with the same crew (or most of us anyway) and more answers to all the questions that keep you up at night.  Or at least all the questions that won’t get me brained by a cast iron skillet from the beautiful Sarah Hoyt!

So the facebook page for AAGA is staying up, and questions can still be sent to it, or to myself or any of the other contributors, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

I remain yours, In Service and at Arms,

William Lehman

About morrigan508

A retired submarine sailor and former cop, author of the John Fisher Chronicles, as well as a contributing author of the Otherwhere Gazette.

2 comments on “Ask A Geek Anything, going on hiatus

  1. 😦 Just as I was starting to (mentally) compose a question. Ah, well, this gives me time make sure I don’t already have the answer and/or make sure I am some what coherent when I do ask.


  2. Oh Hell Kat, don’t let the fact that we’re going on sabbatical stop you from posing a question, I promise we’ll get to it, it’s just going to be a little bit.


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