Honoring PTerry

This is not an obituary. Losing Terry Pratchett at a ridiculously early age was like losing a family member or a close friend, and I can’t muster, even if I wanted to, the ability to write three obituaries. I did an obituary for PJM for tomorrow, and I did a prayer on my blog, because […]

A Death In the Family

Recently there has been a fight raging in SF. (Sarah stands back and lets the understatement sink in.) Okay, what I mean is that one of the facets of the permanent, rolling SF/F fandom/writers/whatever fight has revolved around Star Trek. Like all family fights that got ugly fast. Some say we love Star Trek for […]

They Might Be Aliens

You know, over this entire argument on who is or is not a fan as over the entire argument over what games should or shouldn’t be enjoyed (if you think that’s not what the entire #Gamergate kerfuffle is about you haven’t paid attention. It took about minus three seconds for the woman accused of corrupting […]