James Schardt

A Response to Charles Gannon

Charles Gannon made a guest post about the Sad Puppies and the whole Hugo debacle On Monster Hunter Nation, Larry Corriea’s blog. Apparently, the article was originally posted to Whatever Scalzi, John Scalzi’s blog. Someone challenged Mr. Gannon to post it to a Puppy blog and see what he got. I read through his post […]

In Defense of Irene Gallo

This is another Hugo Award/ Sad Puppy post. I wish it were not true but there is something that needs to be said. The title of this piece says I am defending Irene Gallo regarding the remarks she made on her Facebook page. I am, to a point. And by the end of this article […]

Fan Bases

James Schardt/Contributor Okay, I’m going to talk about the Sad Puppies campaign because I think I saw the dead horse twitch and zombie horses are bad. So… hit it again! I participated in a conversation on David Gerrold’s Facebook page with twice Nebula Nominated author Chuck Gannon. Some of the things Mr. Gannon said brought […]

If only real libraries worked this way…

Libriomancy is using books to create/control magic. This is the concept behind the “Magic Ex Libris” Series by Jim C. Hines. “Unbound” is the third book of this series bringing its story arc to a conclusion. If you have not read the rest of the series you may want to though it is not necessary […]

An excellent conclusion to a well-developed Flintlock Fantasy

“The Autumn Republic” is the third book in Brian McClellan’s “Powder Mage Trilogy”. It is McClellan’s third book and he has written several short stories to go along with the series as well. If you have not read the other two books in the series I highly recommend you start with the first book of […]

Steampunk and Prostitution

Steampunk in Seattle. Except Rapid City, the setting of Elizabeth Bear’s book, Karen Memory, isn’t just Seattle. It’s a steampunk combination of Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, and San Francisco. Don’t go looking for landmarks. They are not there. Karen Memery (with an’e’ not an ‘o’), the point-of-view character and heroine, is a seamstress. Not the kind […]

Of Star Trek Sociology and Why It Doesn’t Work

David Gerrold has responded to William Lehman’s article “Destroy the myth, destroy the culture.” by pointing out that Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future within the Star Trek was far more sociological than technological. He should know, he was there. In meetings with the creative staff of Star Trek, Roddenberry spoke of a future where […]