The Kids aren’t reading, he said…

Well, Yes, we said we’re shut down until after the first of the year, but I couldn’t find a better venue than this to make my response to a post made a couple days ago, and frankly it bugged me enough that I needed to get it off my chest.  So: “The kids aren’t reading, […]

A Response to Charles Gannon

Charles Gannon made a guest post about the Sad Puppies and the whole Hugo debacle On Monster Hunter Nation, Larry Corriea’s blog. Apparently, the article was originally posted to Whatever Scalzi, John Scalzi’s blog. Someone challenged Mr. Gannon to post it to a Puppy blog and see what he got. I read through his post […]

Being different, Good and Bad

Being different, Good and Bad

We’re geeks, that means a lot of things. It generally means higher than average intelligence, a more active imagination, and the ability to be obsessive about getting details right. Those are the good things. Well, for some values of good. There are some bad things too and I wanted to talk about them a little. […]

Ask A Geek Anything Volume 22

Good morning, and Welcome to Ask A Geek Anything Volume 22 Welcome to Volume 22 of AAGA, the spot on the internet where we Field the sorts of questions that are bound to get us sneered at by the Intelligentsia.  (It’s OK, we sneer back) Last week we answered a question on Vampires that was […]

Give it a rest

Give it a rest

So I sighed with relief last week when I did the final post on the Hugo idiocy that has been going on since last spring. Looks like I was premature. The idiocy isn’t going away. If anything it is intensifying. I can’t figure it out. Maybe my problem with understanding it is that I have […]

Ask A Geek Anything Volume 19

Good Morning, and welcome to ask AAGA Volume 20 We regret that we only have one asterisk.  (well, actually that’s not quite true, there’s several of us on staff, so we have several asses to risk, but hey it doesn’t scan as well)  This is the corner of the internet where we’re willing to answer […]

Congratulations to the winner

The Hugo awards for 2015 are over. The clear winner is Vox “Machiavelli” Day. He pretty much got everything he wanted. He wanted Three Body Problem to win and it did. He wanted the Hugos to No Award everything and it mostly did. He wanted to help the SJWs in general and the powers behind […]