Keith Glass

The Gods of the Copybook Headings. . .

The Gods of the Copybook Headings Well, here we are, in what was SUPPOSED to be a better future.  And what do we see ? Decaying institutions.  Hordes demanding “free stuff”, to the point that it’s become a meme, the “Free Shit Army”.  And now there is that amazing takedown of an idiot college student […]

Diversion: State of Decay, Year One Edition

Keith Glass/Contributor After a long day at work, dealing with bureaucrats who quibble over the wording of a finding, and then take 3 weeks to review your changes, after slogging through 60-odd miles of traffic, there’s NOTHING that relaxes me quite like facing vicious-but-brainless hordes, with an endless hunger and rage. . .and kill them. […]

The Sad Puppy Anthem

Authors note: We’ve been asked, by the more sensitive members of our audience, to refrain from applause afterwards, because loud noises trigger them. They also suggested “jazz hands” as an acceptable alternative. I considered it for a moment, and laughed loudly. . . . **************************************************************************** The Battle Hymn of the Wrongfans Lyrics, copyright, April 2015, […]

So you want to attach to Fandom. . . .

Keith Glass/Contributor That post on File770 STILL bothers me, “You are a fan in proportion to the effort you make to attach yourself to fandom.” Well, let me tell you about a little effort, now going into it’s sixth year, that hasn’t just “attached” to fandom, but reached out to fans in out-of-the-way places. Sure, […]

Check your Fandom Privilege

Over the past few days, the blog posts, here and elsewhere, have been flying fast and furious (and no, the Justice Department did NOT send a bunch of fully-automatic assault blogs over the border to get a response from the drug-runner blogs, even if the Administration DOES want to control the Intarwebz. . . ) […]

Another Day at WitchCon Donald McKay, Feb 2015

One day, in the not-too-distant future. . . Wian Brilliams reporting from. . . WitchCon (Camera zooms in on Wian Brilliams on the set of . . .WKOW channel 30, NewsFirst, Madison, Wisconsin. …) Our breaking news tonight, sports star Brianna Jenner, publicly appears in her new gender, at the annual Feminist Utter Fantasy Convention, […]