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Sound of Contact

Brad Johnson/Contributor
Sound of Contact are a progressive rock group from England fronted by Simon Collins.From a music standpoint they sound very similar to Genesis, particularly during their early years.
Their debut album, Dimensionaut tells the story of a man who gains the ability to travel between universes by using the Cosmic Distance Ladder (represented on the cover art as a silver mobius strip.)
While at first he enjoys the exploration his new-found power allows him, he begins to struggle with the isolation that comes with being detached from all realities. This culminates in with his meeting with an unnamed woman on an Earth populated by sentient machines whom he helps return to her proper universe, however in doing so he discovers that she is unable to continue traveling with him. The album ends just before he decides whether to stay with her and give up his gift of traveling, or continue exploring and lose the only person he cares about, leaving the story open ended.

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