I’ll say U.N.C.L.E.


I hate to give a bad review.

So it pleases me more than I can say, that I don’t have to in this case.  This movie was JUST PLAIN FUN. It took it’s self seriously enough to keep you concerned for the end game, it kept the camp of the original series (no I’m not Quite old enough to have seen the original in broadcast, but I remember the reruns) while being slightly more “gritty”.  Make no mistake, as someone who played in the end of the cold war, trying to get, as Mad Magazine used to put it, “the guy in white, and the guy in black (SPY vs SPY)” to play together on the same team takes some doing.  You’ve got to have a GOOD reason, and they’re just not going to become buddies overnight.  This movie got that right.

There where some minor continuity errors (WHY can’t the Continuity director get that shit right? I’ve seen WAY too many continuity errors in films in the last few years) but I am prepared to ignore those, due to the way the rest of the movie worked.  I’m not going to give any spoilers, so this isn’t going to be a long post, the chemistry between the primary actors was AWESOME, the Villains are villainous (I mean really, how much worse can you get than unreformed Nazis with nukes) the heroes have suitable quirks and weaknesses, they’re not two dimensional cardboard cutouts. The equipment and vehicles where right.  Hell, basically with the exception of the continuity goofs they got the feel of the early 60s and the height of the cold war PERFECT, down to the details like ‘everyone smokes’, Europe is still trying to pull out of the disaster of WWII, all the equipment was high tec for 60s era high tec etc. etc. etc.

There were little homages that if you don’t know the original series, where just cute, if you do know the original series, where a nice nod and an inside baseball Easter egg.  They also carefully made sure there was room for a sequel or several.  Go see this movie, if you don’t have fun, well, maybe you’re the sort that likes fantasies of archeologists becoming dinosaurs and eating all of the people that bug a vapor-headed twerp.  But if you’re a fan of that sort of thing, why are you even reading this?

Now, for my mandatory gripe (Hey, how can I keep my curmudgeon certification up if I don’t post a gripe?) WHAT THE PISS IS WRONG WITH HOLLYWOOD THAT THEY CAN’T DO NEW STUFF?  I liked this, a lot, but it seems that practically all that comes out of Hollywood is redo’s of old TV shows, old movies, and sequel after sequel.  PLEASE, for the love of all that’s holy give us something NEW that doesn’t suck.  There’s literally Thousands of books out there begging to be movies, and Thousands of authors (like ME) who would be more than happy to see their stuff made into a movie.

Hey have fun, see you again soon.


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A retired submarine sailor and former cop, author of the John Fisher Chronicles, as well as a contributing author of the Otherwhere Gazette.

3 comments on “I’ll say U.N.C.L.E.

  1. When they do “new” stuff it flops because it’s PC crap. They can’t make new good stuff because their fanatical adherence to political correctness doesn’t lend itself to good story telling. Can you imagine a bunch of characters who are equal in every way emoting about each others feelings? or outdoing each other in a PC competition? People don’t want to pay for that and Hollywood’s falling revenue attests to that.


  2. There were two things for me that ‘took me out of the moment’. (Spoiler alert!)

    One was during a car chase – and I saw rear-window defroster lines. Didn’t think they were period, but apparently they were available in reasonably high-end autos in the early ’60s in the US. (Whether they’d be available to someone driving a KGB special in East Berlin’s another matter…)

    The second was a nit-picky thing. You’re from the USSR. You’re trying to pass as an architect. This was NOT the era of designer stubble – and Illya persisted with his ‘manly stubble’ instead of shaving.

    Other than that? God, I want a sequel. The characters, the clothes, the scenery, the furniture… it felt really solid and well-thought-out.

    Aside from the stubble. And the defroster. 😉

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  3. I missed the defroster lines. I saw her on the phone in one bed, cut scene, back, she’s on the other bed. there were a couple like that. The stubble, well I didn’t notice it, and I’ll note that in the 60’s architects where (although admittedly not soviet ones) Avant guard and some where “beatnecks” which was stubble centric.


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