Call it the Torgo, rather than the Hugo. God knows they've bought enough of them over the years.

Call it the Torgo, rather than the Hugo. God knows they’ve bought enough of them over the years.

I had, to this point, refrained from commenting on the Hugo Awards Debacle. Not because I had nothing to say, but because I was so incandescently angry that anything I said would be wrong.

Two days later I find myself no less angry, but it has transformed from a white heat fit to melt titanium, to something colder than space — and I’m far from the only one.

But, let me explain something to the SJWs who decided to burn the village down in order to save it from invaders.

We’re not angry about the no awards. Really, I know you want to believe that, but we’re not.

No, we’re angry about the contempt shown to Toni Weisskopf, the Baen publisher who is one of the kindest, most professional women in the world.

We’re livid about the Asterisk “joke” which caused her to leave before the award ceremony had begun — taking much of the Baen contingent with her.


We’re utterly enraged by the treatment of L. Jagi Lamplighter by Tor senior editor Patrick Neilsen Hayden.

You have called us “misogynist,” tell me, pray, what is Mr. Hayden when he chooses to berate a woman in public? To loom over her in a threatening manner? This, my friends, is known as “assault” and it’s actionable.

You accused of us running a slate, when all we said was “here’s a list of things we like, we think you’ll like them too, read them, if you like them, vote for them.”

You ran a slate of “no award,” and then claimed victory while proving our point.

You called us “racist, sexist, homophobic, neo-nazis,” while our leader this year is a man in an interracial marriage for more than 20 years, one of our supporters actually BLED while fighting Apartheid in South Africa, one our chief supporters is Latina, the woman who will lead us next year is an immigrant.

Hypocrisy, thy name is World Science Fiction Society.

We tolerated all that, until Saturday night, when your true colors came out.

No more.

To the winners, what few there were, I say “congratulations.”

To Tor and the rest, who chose to burn the village to the ground, rather than share with those who disagree with them I say “you wanted war to the knife, we shall show you the hilt.”

About Patrick Richardson

Patrick Richardson is a nearly 30-year veteran of the newspaper industry -- until {GIANT NEWSPAPER CONGLOMERATE} decided to save his salary. He has covered everything from local news to breaking national stories for such outlets as PJMedia.com and The Daily Caller.

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  1. The Torgo? The MaSteR Would noT apProve of Such thinGs! 😉

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  2. Yeah, you can tell how inclusive and tolerant they are by the fact that they’d rather just vote “no award” than include authors liked by the Wrong Sort Of Fan.

    And they’re so devoted to the quality of the work in question that many bragged they didn’t even read the Wrongly Nominated.

    But they “won”. In the Charlie Sheen sense, I’m assuming.

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  3. I mentioned to a certain author on Facebook that many were boasting that they hadn’t read the material before voting “No Award”. He asked if I had documentation of numbers, because no one *he* knows did such a thing.

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