Tor Clarification

Cedar Sanderson has an excellent post, copied in part below, on the whole Irene Gallo mess.

Tom Doherty has issued a statement from Tor regarding the subject I have discussed here over the last couple of days, namely, the unprofessional behaviour of one of their employees.

Tor employees, including Ms. Gallo, have been reminded that they are required to clarify when they are speaking for Tor and when they are speaking for themselves. We apologize for any confusion Ms. Gallo’s comments may have caused. Let me reiterate: the views expressed by Ms. Gallo are not those of Tor as an organization and are not my own views.  Rest assured, Tor remains committed to bringing readers the finest in science fiction – on a broad range of topics, from a broad range of authors.

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Will this stop the biased and bigoted responses to the Sad Puppies from other Tor employees, though? Remember that she was not the only one, she was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. I like and respect Mr. Doherty. I did not want to think that he was simply allowing this to go on. But is this enough, or is it too little, too late?

Read the whole thing here.


5 comments on “Tor Clarification

  1. I mean, if the creative director of an organization is a hateful bigot, it’s not hard to make a case that the organization’s creative direction is hateful bigotry. Frankly, I’d be much happier if Tor just came out and said “Yeah, y’know what? Screw all of you, we’ll hate who we want!” At least then they wouldn’t be disingenuous.

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    • The marketing people won’t let them… yet. They claim it’s bad for sales, but management obviously has a different definition of “bad for sales”. Once marketing is made to see the error of its ways (purge? re-education camps, I mean seminars?), then or will be able to really get its “We hate you” message to the masses.


  2. I’ve seen funerals where an old, wealthy man is being “mourned” by his far younger gold-digger slut of a wife. You can tell: she is made up to professional standards and making certain that the crowd notices how sincere her tears are. In other words, she is advertising for her next trick.

    Tom Doherty is no longer a young, healthy person. The people at Tor anticipate a major management shake-up in the near future, for that and other reasons. It seems that they are trying to establish their bona fides as progressive sluts to endear themselves with whoever takes over, or, alternatively, to improve their chances of landing another job in the field.

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