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The Kids aren’t reading, he said…

Well, Yes, we said we’re shut down until after the first of the year, but I couldn’t find a better venue than this to make my response to a post made a couple days ago, and frankly it bugged me enough that I needed to get it off my chest.  So: “The kids aren’t reading, […]

Ask A Geek Anything, Volume 24

Good morning, and welcome to Ask a Geek Anything volume 24 Hey welcome to that spot on the interwebs where we answer anything that won’t get us pepper-sprayed and Tazed at a con (and a few things that will) So, first up today is Ten thumbs Ted, who asks: Does Dragon software perform up to expectations? […]

Ask A Geek Anything Volume 22

Good morning, and Welcome to Ask A Geek Anything Volume 22 Welcome to Volume 22 of AAGA, the spot on the internet where we Field the sorts of questions that are bound to get us sneered at by the Intelligentsia.  (It’s OK, we sneer back) Last week we answered a question on Vampires that was […]

Welcome to Ask A Geek Anything, Issue 16

Welcome to Ask A Geek Anything, Issue 16   This Sweet Sixteen episode is brought to you by a glitch in the Universal Prognosticator’s predictive formula. We were trying for the most entertaining possible combination of topics… and got this instead.  Fortunately, we will answer anything that won’t crush grain elevators in Gainesville.   There are […]

Ask a Geek Anything, issue 11

Good Morning, and welcome to Ask A Geek Anything, Issue 11 First, I would like to apologize for missing last weeks issue.  See Liberty con is practically a state religion here at AAGA, so most of us where there, and the few that weren’t (like yours surly) were working 12 to 13 hour day seven […]

Ask a Geek Anything, issue four.

Good Afternoon, and welcome to Ask a Geek Anything, issue four, the spot in the blogosphere where we’ll attempt to answer all your questions that won’t get us yanked from New York… And this episode probably comes close. Our first question comes from James Resoldier, of Roseville, CA, who says: Quick question for traveling shooters. […]

7 Ways to Thank an Author

7 Ways to Thank an Author

We all have our favorite authors, living and dead. The dead are beyond any means we currently have of saying ‘thank you,’ but the living are still possible, and you can do it without going all stalkerish. I have been able to say ‘thanks, and when is the next book coming out?’ in person to […]