Son of the Black Sword review

Old Shib, Contributor. I have to admit, I approached this book with some concern. I have greatly enjoyed every book I’ve read by Larry Correia, which is all of them, but all of his books prior to Son of the Black Sword take place in worlds very much like our own. Monster Hunter International is […]

Your science fiction music fix

Brad Johnson/Contributor When it comes to science fiction and fantasy, there is one medium that is often overlooked: music. Movies, book, and video games have typically gotten more attention, mostly because most people don’t focus on the story of a song or album. However music has been a part of science fiction and fantasy since […]


Envy: it’s a necessary component of villainy and villains in general. Without it, there would be no antagonist, and ultimately no story. Think about it: in a basic good versus evil tale, why does the antagonist cross proverbial swords with the protagonist? Envy wouldn’t necessarily be an in-your-face factor, but what does the protagonist possess […]

Ask a Geek Anything 15

Good morning and welcome to Ask a Geek Anything, where we do our level best to answer anything that won’t get us mauled in Mos Eisley. Our Glorious Lea— I mean Dear Editor — is off battling at Pennsic so the staff is romping and trashing our workspace. (Shh. Don’t tell.) This week’s question comes […]

Still destroying the myths, I see?

This is supposed to be a blog about all things geek, and make no mistake, this article IS about geek culture.  But more than that, it’s about American (or western, for those of you outside the US) culture, and at base, it’s about human culture.  Geeks have always been outliers, that’s what makes us geeks.  […]

The Future of Tor

Francis Turner/Contributor Peter Grant has declared it Tor boycott season (http://bayourenaissanceman.blogspot.jp/2015/06/the-tor-boycott-is-on.html ) and in principle I’d be happy to join. Unfortunately there’s a minor problemette that I discovered while reading about and commenting on this whole Tor thing, most recently Sanford’s post (https://otherwheregazette.wordpress.com/2015/06/18/being-lost-in-a-sea-of-authors/ ) and a post by Patri Freedman (http://patrissimo.livejournal.com/1500835.html ). The posts inspired […]

Ask a Geek Anything Issue 10

Good morning, and welcome to Ask A Geek Anything, issue 10 The sort of column that would get us stoned by ISIS… Of course just about anything will get you stoned by ISIS, so I guess that isn’t much of a descriptor… We’ve been at this for ten weeks now, and we’re storing a couple […]

Being lost in a sea of authors

Being lost in a sea of authors

I have a lot of friends who are indie authors of varying levels of success. All of them think Amazon is great. It allows them entry into the market where they can rise or fall on their own merits. There are no gatekeepers to tell them that NYC has decided not to publish uplifting stories […]

Ask a Geek Anything, Issue 9

Good morning and welcome to Ask a Geek Anything Issue 9 The sort of column where we’ll answer any question, including those likely to get us blocked by TOR. We’ve had a question sitting in our question bank since the start of this show, waiting for the proper time to post it, and I’ve decided […]

Tor Clarification

Cedar Sanderson Cedar Sanderson has an excellent post, copied in part below, on the whole Irene Gallo mess. Tom Doherty has issued a statement from Tor regarding the subject I have discussed here over the last couple of days, namely, the unprofessional behaviour of one of their employees. Tor employees, including Ms. Gallo, have been […]