Ask A Geek Anything, Volume 23

Ask A Geek Anything, Volume 23

Good morning, and welcome to Ask a Geek Anything volume 23 The spot on the internet where, as old as we are, we won’t tell you to “get off our lawn”, nor will we sick the old security system above on you.  Periodically instead of having a couple of our staff answer a couple different […]

Ask A Geek Anything Volume 22

Good morning, and Welcome to Ask A Geek Anything Volume 22 Welcome to Volume 22 of AAGA, the spot on the internet where we Field the sorts of questions that are bound to get us sneered at by the Intelligentsia.  (It’s OK, we sneer back) Last week we answered a question on Vampires that was […]

Mad Max: In Depth

Mad Max: In Depth

by contributor Jonah Hewitt So the kids were at school and the wife’s out to lunch with a friend.  Nothing to do here, so I decided, what the heck, and took in a matinee to see Mad Max: Fury Road.  Spoilers ahead. First, It’s really hard to see what all the fuss is about, either from […]

Salvaging Science Fiction

Hi. My name is Lloyd and I’ve got a secret. I write science fiction. Hardly surprising in a place named Otherwhere Gazette, no? But according to the whims of culture, I shouldn’t. Hell, according to the whims of culture, I should at worst have peaked in high school and still be living that dream. That […]

Live Long . . .

Doug Irvin/Contributor Leonard Nimoy, one of my heroes from childhood, is dead. The roles he played as an actor were formative to not only myself, but millions. At the beginning of the 21st Century, there were two notable characters known around the world. One, of course, was Shirley Temple. The other was Leonard Nimoy – […]

RIP Mr. Spock

We’ll have more on this later, I’m sure, once the initial shock passes. But another legend in the SF community has passed.