Diversion: State of Decay, Year One Edition

Keith Glass/Contributor After a long day at work, dealing with bureaucrats who quibble over the wording of a finding, and then take 3 weeks to review your changes, after slogging through 60-odd miles of traffic, there’s NOTHING that relaxes me quite like facing vicious-but-brainless hordes, with an endless hunger and rage. . .and kill them. […]

Tie-in novels not “real” novels?

I’m taking a break from the Hugo controversy. No, I’m not backing away. Nor am I changing my stance. I’ll be posting more about the nominations and the reaction from both sides later. But for now, I want to discuss something that came up on another blog where an author completely dissed tie-in novels as […]

A gamer’s view of Gamergate

Brad Johnson/Contributor The media have tried to make GamerGate a cut and dried issue about women in gaming and it simply isn’t. Sure Zoe Quinn is seen as the catalyst but really she was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ve pretty much stayed out of the argument except for voicing my support. […]

Pardon me, but I like things the way they are

Yes, yes, I know I’m going to get in trouble for this. After all, it just isn’t right for anyone not to jump onboard the “evil game developers/gamers/publishers” bandwagon. We have been hearing loud and long all the complaints about how gamer boys are harassing female players and how there aren’t enough good games out […]

And the controversy continues

Last week I wrote a post asking if we are losing readers to gaming. One of the comments made me think and actually confirmed what I had been seeing for myself. There are a number of gamers who actually read more because of their games than they would have otherwise. These gamers are the ones […]

Are we losing readers to gaming?

If you listen to certain sectors of publishing and education, you’d be convinced that boys don’t read and we are losing our younger generation of readers to gaming. It’s not a new argument. Years ago, we were hearing that we were losing them to TV. The argument that we’ve been losing them to gaming has […]