A Response to Charles Gannon

Charles Gannon made a guest post about the Sad Puppies and the whole Hugo debacle On Monster Hunter Nation, Larry Corriea’s blog. Apparently, the article was originally posted to Whatever Scalzi, John Scalzi’s blog. Someone challenged Mr. Gannon to post it to a Puppy blog and see what he got. I read through his post […]

In Defense of Irene Gallo

This is another Hugo Award/ Sad Puppy post. I wish it were not true but there is something that needs to be said. The title of this piece says I am defending Irene Gallo regarding the remarks she made on her Facebook page. I am, to a point. And by the end of this article […]

The Puppies need to thank these recruiters

The Puppies need to thank these recruiters

The Sad Puppies really do need to thank some people who are not of their number. I’ve been watching this fiasco as someone who is in sympathy with the SP movement without being one myself. The truth for the rank and file SP members is basically that they were informed that they could vote on […]

Fan Bases

James Schardt/Contributor Okay, I’m going to talk about the Sad Puppies campaign because I think I saw the dead horse twitch and zombie horses are bad. So… hit it again! I participated in a conversation on David Gerrold’s Facebook page with twice Nebula Nominated author Chuck Gannon. Some of the things Mr. Gannon said brought […]

A gamer’s view of Gamergate

Brad Johnson/Contributor The media have tried to make GamerGate a cut and dried issue about women in gaming and it simply isn’t. Sure Zoe Quinn is seen as the catalyst but really she was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ve pretty much stayed out of the argument except for voicing my support. […]

They Might Be Aliens

You know, over this entire argument on who is or is not a fan as over the entire argument over what games should or shouldn’t be enjoyed (if you think that’s not what the entire #Gamergate kerfuffle is about you haven’t paid attention. It took about minus three seconds for the woman accused of corrupting […]