Give it a rest

Three_pictures_of_the_same_noh_'hawk_mask'_showing_how_the_expression_changes_with_a_tilting_of_the_headSo I sighed with relief last week when I did the final post on the Hugo idiocy that has been going on since last spring. Looks like I was premature. The idiocy isn’t going away. If anything it is intensifying. I can’t figure it out.

Maybe my problem with understanding it is that I have a life. I repair, build, and assist with the design of scientific equipment. I have a beautiful wife who is a true Heinlein girl, intelligent and talented in several fields.  I scribble this little column for a tiny E-Zine and a couple of hundred people read it regularly. Not a lot, but I’m not a writer, I wind up feeling flattered. I have a few good friends in real life, a lot of friends online, and a dog who loves me. Sure I could use a little more money, who couldn’t? All in all life is good.

Looking at the other side of the abyss there are those who won’t let it die. I have to assume that “winning” with Noah Ward didn’t satisfy them. I’d like to think it the lack of satisfaction is because they know they dishonored the awards and are trying to hide their shame. The types who would come up with wooden assholes have no shame or sense of honor. Neither do their lickspittles.

Or perhaps I’m entirely wrong, it isn’t shame, or fear that the world has seen them naked. It may just be a lack of any other options. I’m no shrink, just an observer of my fellow humans. This means I’m guessing, not diagnosing. I’ve seen unprovoked attacks pretty steadily all week. Mostly by extremely unimportant people who have a presence on the net due to strident screaming. I’m going to look at three of them and speculate. These are speculations, not knowledge. I could be doing these three a huge disservice, I doubt it.

Let’s start with the least important. Chu boy. Now Chu boy was a game show contestant, pretty successful at memorizing and regurgitating trivia. Not an indicator of intelligence by any means. He went from there to working for a couple of leftist rags. Hiring him makes it obvious that rags like Salon don’t really care whether you are good. They simply want loud and left. Chu boy gives them that. He also spews on Twitter in support of whichever SJW is being the loudest. This is where he shows that memorization does not equal intelligence. When you back someone who is saying that a word which is political in nature is racist you show a basic lack of cognitive ability.  Perhaps he thinks it is time to come out from the rock he has been hiding under since midway through the Hugo campaign when his sexual proclivities came to light?

Then we come to the one whose sanity is most in question. Tempest “Dolezal” Bradford. She jumps into other people’s fights. Taking the wrong side and manages to turn anything into racism in her own sick mind. I worry about her. Anyone who tints her pictures to appear like she might really be biracial while screaming nonsense at others really needs counseling. Why do I think she is a Dolezal? Well there is the aforementioned picture tinting, and the fact that she apparently has no past other than a vague reference to Cincinnati. Yes she apparently sprung full grown from Cincinnati to the corridors of NYU. Since then she has apparently made a career out of couch surfing, a few short stories sold more based on her claimed heritage than any observable talent, and much screaming. I think she hates herself for being white. Like I said these are simply speculations, I am not a professional, just an observer.

Then there is Mary Three Names. Where does one start. She is apparently a decent follower of the formulae for Romance books. Whenever she shows her face around SF she apparently leaves whatever brains she has working on her romance novels. Little things like deciding that since the Puppies were accused of buying Hugo memberships for others with no evidence she should buy some. The logic of why violating the spirit, if not the letter of the rules to show she was following accepted procedure escapes… well, anyone with a functioning brain. Then after the Hugos, I’m assuming she was still signaling to her masters, she decides to attack a word choice. Now that is something SJWs are known for. Thing is, where in the world did she get the idea chicom was racist. Chicom has been the official acronym for Chinese Communist since before I was born. Since I’m probably 15 years or so her senior it means since long before she was born. The other reading comprehension problems she had with the passage she was bleating about are even more mystifying. She can’t be as stupid as she appears, she is capable of operating a word processor. Mary? Why don’t you stay home and let those more in touch with reality do the public thing? You just make yourself look silly.

But, as idiotic and downright insane as these three appear they are mostly harmless compared to many of the SJWs running amok in the literary world. I don’t believe any of them have much to do with the pedophilia that seems to run through so much of SJW land. I just wish they would quit making asses of themselves. I’m tired of morons. The worst thing about our successes as a nation is that people this stupid are able to survive.



4 comments on “Give it a rest

  1. Call me a cynic, you wouldn’t be the first, but I’m convinced that particular set of attacks had a lot more to do with Sarah’s attachment to SP IV than anything else. Well, Mary’s attack, anyway. Chu has shown himself to nothing more than a pile-on opportunist. Have to prep the battlefield, you know…

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  2. I know Tempest. I’ve been to her parents’ house (long story), met her mother. I’d give credence to her claims of mulattohood. And, yes, the house is in Cincinnati-ish. Not within the city limits, but a near suburb.



    • Give credence to? As in you think her mother could have ha a child with a black man? or as in you know it is true? Either way she isn’t dark enough for it to be an issue if she wasn’t around the bend

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  3. Talented, intelligent AND a redhead!

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