Ask A Geek Anything Volume 19

Good Morning, and welcome to ask AAGA Volume 20

We regret that we only have one asterisk.  (well, actually that’s not quite true, there’s several of us on staff, so we have several asses to risk, but hey it doesn’t scan as well)  This is the corner of the internet where we’re willing to answer the sorts of questions that might get us asterisked in Spokane.  Frankly the thought doesn’t scare me, I’ve been shot at with real bullets and real torpedoes. What’s a little wooden asshole between friends acquaintances people that each think the other side is full of complete assholes.


Now if you’ve somehow missed the giant steaming pile of stuff that was this years Hugo awards and conflict, first, HOW DID YOU DO IT? and second, IF YOU MANAGED IT, HOW DID YOU THEN FIND US?  Still, in case there’s someone who did manage to do that, here’s a recap from one of our other bloggers:  https://otherwheregazette.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/congratulations-to-the-winner/ just to catch you up on what I’m babbling about.  Suffice it to say that we’re not the politically correct, Social Justice Warrior side of fandom.  If you’re looking for them, I hear they hang out over at 707…  Here we try to tell it like it is, and our first question is from Kittiara, who asks- OK, so I’m confused, do we like sad puppies? Why are we supporting puppy sadness? Shouldn’t we make the assholes sad?

Well since she asked me, I’ll answer it. OK, for the background you have to go back to the first sad puppies campaign, three years ago.  Sad Puppies was done as a very tongue in cheek way to make fun of two things… 1)The please give me money campaigns that the ASPCA, PETA, etc run… You know, the ones that basically say “if you don’t give US money all these dogs and cats are going to starve to death or be killed, and you’re a heartless rotten evil bastard” (this in-spite of the FACT that the National ASPCA (which is who runs the ad and gets the money, not your local chapter) runs NO shelters, saves NO animals, and uses the money for political purposes like fighting against hunting. and the FACT that PETA’s shelters kill the majority of the animals they “save”) and 2) the Death-lock that the liberal left “Message uber alles” types (looking at you here Theresa, and your little dog too) on the nominations…

Well here, I’ll let Larry tell it: “I said the Hugos no longer represented all of Fandom, instead they only represents tiny, insular, politically motivated cliques taking turns giving their friends awards. If you wanted to be considered, you needed to belong to, or suck up to those voting cliques. I was called a liar.
I said that most of the voters cared far more about the author’s identity and politics than they did the quality of the work, and in fact, the quality of the work would be completely ignored if the creator had the wrong politics. I was called a liar.
I said that if somebody with the wrong politics got a nomination, they would be actively campaigned against, slandered, and attacked, not for the quality of their work, but because of politics. I was called a liar.
That’s how the Sad Puppies campaign started. You can see the results. They freaked out and did what I said they would do.”

Thanks Larry.  So that’s why “Sad Puppies” and we’re trying to make them Happy Puppies by curing the problems that made them sad.

Well, enough on the soap box for now.

Jason Fuesting asks- If you integrate the path described by a tree falling in the woods, does it have volume?

Our clever and comely commentator Connie Elliott responds : I’m not a supremely mathy person, Jason, but isn’t that what you do with integrals? Describe volumes?

The more important question is, if a tree falls in the woods, does anybody really care? I mean, besides the squirrels who used to live in it, and about a million demented treehuggers.

Says my friend Alain, who is far more mathy than I, “That can be answered two ways. The tree starts at a certain height and accelerates down the path with the force caused by gravity and resisted by air friction, after its structure fails. This means it is an indefinite integral from tree height to moment of thump (probably on a squirrel) for the positional change with respect to time, or velocity. Further integration will yield its interval change of position with velocity with respect to that interval of time, ie, its position.

“At no point is volume required — any physics geek can tell you this works just as well with a point mass tree as it does with a perfectly spherical tree proxy, the “cow sphere” used in so much ballistic modeling.

“The only further integration required is a matter of racial and social status in schooling, probably involving the squirrels and a bussing scheme from the supreme court, and I am unaware of red and grey squirrels having such an issue. Squirrels who are upset, though, do complain loudly with a significant amount of volume.”  I’ll interject, as a hunter, that squirrels complain loudly and with a significant amount of volume about ANYTHING, so that’s not really a salient point.

Finally Christine Johnson asks- I am clearing out my stuff and planning to sell off my comic book collection. What is the best way to evaluate the price for the comics I have? Secondary to that, how do I make it on ebay so that the buyer pays for the shipping?

and the always awesome Amanda Fuesting responds-
Christine, this is an excellent question. Finding out the value of your comic book collection can be a somewhat difficult task. Fortunately, you have a lot of options in tools available to you. The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to be brutally honest about the condition of the comic. It’s vital that people know what they’re getting, and if there is anything wrong with that comic at all, it affects the value. Ebay actually gives a pretty good overview of how to determine the value of a comic book http://www.ebay.com/gds/How-to-Determine-the-Value-of-a-Comic-Book-/10000000177627370/g.html, with a handy table that describes condition and what it means. The classic way of determining value is to look your comic up in The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guidecomicbook http://www.amazon.com/dp/1603601759?_encoding=UTF8&camp=15041&creative=373501&linkCode=as3&tag=containergardening4u-20 . This guide is trusted for a reason, and is a very good place to start. There are also pretty good searchable online guides available at Comics Price Guide http://comicspriceguide.com/comic-book-search and Comic Book Realm http://comicbookrealm.com/guide.
However good the guide, they are not the last word on what you’ll actually be able to sell your comic for. One thing you may want to do is check completed Ebay sales for the various comics and get an idea what they’ve actually sold for recently. The market changes very rapidly, and the guides can’t track minute to minute supply and demand. Keep in mind that you may find that a comic listed as high value in the guide may suddenly have 100 copies go up for sale (which decreases prices) but a comic that was listed as having moderate values may have suddenly had a resurgence and is now in high demand (which increases prices).
If all of that sounds like way too much work and you just want to make some money off of them and get rid of them quickly, you might consider taking the whole collection to a reputable comic shop for an appraisal. A comic shop will never give you the full value of the comic, because they have to make a profit when they sell it. A reputable shop will be fair though. It’s always best to check a guide to make sure that you aren’t holding on to comic book gold, just to make sure that someone doesn’t try to tell you that a $600 comic is only worth $20 (either through simple ignorance or a desire to add it to their own collection on the cheap).
As for your question about shipping, I’ve included the shipping guide from Ebay http://pages.ebay.com/help/pay/shipping-costs.html. That should answer your questions. I’ve read though it and it looks like Ebay has a lot of options for you there. Happy selling!

OK, finally we’ve got a new entry in the TLA (three letter acronym) and geek slang:“Fantrum” What a Puppy Kicker throws when screaming and frothing at the mouth about Straw Brad TorgersOn, Straw Larry, or any other Wrongfan having Wrongfun.

Similar to the actions of a toddler who has just been told she is not getting ice cream, but more disgusting because the Puppy Kicker is theoretically an adult.

(And the toddler has probably bathed more recently.)

Usage: “Oh, Empress Theresa is just throwing another fantrum, because Princess Patrick didn’t get nominated.”

So That wraps up today’s post, with the exception that we’re going to crowd source the 21st post… a question has been posted as follows: “What are the 10 most famous and classic SF stories/books that have become almost unreadable to today’s generation due to writing shifts and technological changes?”  We’re going to accept input from all of you, in the following two ways: via our facebook site- https://www.facebook.com/askageekanythingowg and through Email @ askageekanythingowg@gmail.com if you go to the Facebook site and see the book or books you are thinking about listed already, please “like” them, if they’re not listed, please list them.  We’ll compile the list from both sources over the next two weeks, and report on it at the end.  And remember: Remember, you can now e-mail us questions at askageekanythingowg@gmail.com or contact us through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/askageekanythingowg . We have all the old articles there and will update it every week with new ones, as well as take questions from posts. If you’re so inclined, we’d appreciate it if you could like and share the page, because we’re running really low on questions to answer!  If you don’t ask it, we can’t answer!


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5 comments on “Ask A Geek Anything Volume 19

  1. No, no, no: if a tree falls in a Forest, will someone on Vile770 call us haters ?


  2. In cataloging my comic collection, I found a mint condition “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Comic Book #1” of how many issues I don’t know. I am sure that one is worth quite a bit. I will bookmark the links you provided. Thanks for the advice.
    Chris J.

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  3. Is the lack of a “ask a Geek Anything 20” while heading #19 as #20 in the text meant to be a sly asterisk spin on things, or just a “whoops”?


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