Wrongfans against Weasels

Written by Lawrence Railey

Seeking Great Stories
Seeking Great Stories!

I am in a foul mood, presently, and that means it is time for a rant.

I am not sure how many of you know me. But suffice it to say that I am a fan of Sarah Hoyt’s, and also of Wright, Correia, Kratman and many others familiar to the rest of the WrongFan community. I was reading Jules Verne in the first grade, and Frank Herbert not long after. I don’t say this to brag, so please don’t take it as such. This is merely to demonstrate that I have loved SciFi from the beginning. It captivated me, it was about elevating the human spirit, conquering the unknown, exploring and learning. It was, in my opinion, about the greatest gifts humans possess.

This, naturally, has made me a WrongFan. You see, when politically-minded writers spew garbage about gender pronouns, economic fairness utopia, and dinosaur crushes, I am imaging exploring the universe, inventing high technology and colonizing space. What will we find out in the universe? What great minds will come after us, and what will they create? Where will humanity be a century from now? Will we be mining asteroids and inventing warp drive, or will we be stuck in the mire of whether or not Bruce Jenner is a woman, or arguing over what pronouns she might prefer?

I am also an aspiring author. I’ve written my share of SciFi short stories, and have a novel that, irritatingly, I cannot seem to finish to my satisfaction, based loosely on a Science Fiction reimagining of Seventh century Byzantium (it makes sense in context). I am not at the level of the greats whom I cited earlier, but I learn from them and admire them. So I have watched on the sidelines as Leftists have wrecked my beloved genre and future career with what can be described as profound disappointment and a certain amount of maudlin, at least before Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies came to the fore.

Scott Adams, the author of the Dilbert cartoons, wrote a book called the Way of the Weasel, and in it there is a story of a man who attempts to cheat a bunch of Vikings through legalese and flowery rhetoric. The lead Viking impales the Weasel with his sword, and everyone lived happily ever after. Adams refers to this as the “Viking system” and extols its virtues over the socio-political system of the Weasels which, as he describes, currently presides over our culture and civilization.

I can think of no better term for the politically correct, the Social Justice Warriors and sad trolls of Tor, squatting in their personal mud piles like Crapper Kings. They try to weasel their way out of everything. They plot and scheme, they speak in hushed whispers about their politically-favored authors and plan to distribute awards according to their wishes. WrongFans, of course, are excluded from this.

Sad Puppies are the Vikings, impaling the Weasel SJWs on their own swords, and that gives me a certain amount of hope. But I know this only the opening salvo in overturning the Weasel system. This system extends far beyond SciFi. There are WrongFans in gaming, theater, and cinema. Weasels are everywhere. We are at the forefront of an even greater conflict.

The irritating thing about SJW Weasels is not their evil nature. There’s plenty of that in the world, and there always has been. The guys who camp out in the fast lane on the freeway, driving like turtles and laughing about it are evil. So are the movie theater talkers, or those people who try to close the elevator in a hurry when you’re running toward it, late for work. You can even give ISIS credit here. They are evil apocalyptic genocidal bastards, but they are pretty open about their “destroy the entire world and kill everybody” rhetoric. Pretty much everybody understands that these are the bad guys.

No. SJWs are infuriating because they pretend earnestly to be the good guys, the protagonists. They are so convinced that they are pure and righteous, so exactly opposite of reality that the human brain has difficulty even making sense of them. It is looking into an alternate dimension full of human stupidity, like watching the ending of the 2001 movie. “My God! It’s full of idiots!”

It’s as if the Old Ones came up from the abyss and our puny little human brains just can’t comprehend the magnitude of their disgusting intellectual foulness and internal contradictions. It’s surreal, like seeing a turd crawling back up out of the toilet when you flush, and then the turd speaks and says “I am here to fight for truth and justice.” It is the disgusting pig crawling out from the mud, covered in soil and refuse, saying “I am the epitome of beauty, accept me for the gorgeous being that I am.” They don’t even bother putting lipstick on the pig. SJWs are the White people pretending to be Black, the Feminists pretending to be anything but outright misandrists, the ardent Communists saying “but I like the free markets.”

They have gone beyond the merely Orwellian, in which peace is war, and freedom is slavery, into the realm where nothing makes sense whatsoever. Words are entirely divorced from meaning, such that calling a person either a “he” or a “she” becomes a gross offense, for that person is really a tri-gender demi girlboi dinosaur lover, or whatever. You should use the pronouns Gib, Gab and Gonzo. Reading SJW screeds are a bizarre word salad of fungal slime filled with words nobody seems to have a clearcut definition for. You privileged cishet albino enabler of the Patriarchal conspiracy against internalized misogynistic oppression of genderqueer people of color. What? I’ve had farts that contained greater meaning.

If you don’t agree with them, you are a WrongFan. It is bad enough that some Social Justice advocates are claiming that old Science Fiction classics should be dispensed with because they are not Progressive enough. Paul Atreides of Frank Herber’s Dune is, perhaps, too White. And why is a Straight White Male the protagonist, anyway? Should we not have a trigender purple-orange one-legged otherkin dwarf as the Kwisatz Haderach? And the Baron Harkonnen isn’t really a flying ugly fat man, he’s the epitome of beauty. He’s curvy, and if you don’t agree you are fat-shaming.

SJWs are THAT twisted and insane. And that is why they cannot be permitted to run anything, especially not any sort of literary industry. I mean, they have lobbed shit onto the walls of Science Fiction, smeared their feces everywhere and thrown their toys all over the floor. Then they drew stick figures on their used diapers, saying “look at what I made everybody! Give me an award for it!”
They are emotional children in the bodies of grown adults, wielding the power of large organizations against anyone who makes them feel vaguely uncomfortable. They deserve to be mocked, not praised.

attack weaselsI loathe the Weasels. I despise them. It is beyond the purview of this rant to adequately explain my distaste for them. And every time one of these little shitstains is outed as the lying, hypocritical, mental deficient that they are, I smile a little inside. SJWs Always Lie, as Vox said, and SJW lies always explode in their faces in comical fashion, sooner or later.

To me, Sad Puppies is about bringing down the Weasel System and giving us back our dreams. Whatever happened to looking up at the stars and thinking of the greatness in mankind? What happened to wondering about the future, what grand discoveries we will imagine, what worlds we will tread upon? We will bring them back.

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7 comments on “Wrongfans against Weasels

  1. Dammit, man! Quit sugarcoating everything!


    • True. They are worse than turds, crawling back up out of the toilet (or fungal slime, for that matter). But it is difficult to think of much worse.

      Someday the greatest insult imaginable might actually become “dude, you’re a Social Justice Warrior.”


      • Sadly, there will be even worse insults in the future. Or at least more hated. Probably both.

        You’ll have to settle for SANE people ALREADY considering that one of the most horrific insults of our present day. Unfortunately that means lunatics actually think its a compliment, of course. But there will be no lack of insane people for the foreseeable future…


  2. alas, this is the political side who does not think man is great in any way, and some actually hate mankind (yet never feel they, themselves are in need of removal).

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  3. Weasels are a scourge.
    Drinkers of blood.

    You just need a good farm dog to sic on them.


  4. […] recently had the honor of having one of my long-winded rants selected for posting at the Otherwhere Gazette. And it’s a doozy. In it, I refer to SJWs and Progressives by their more […]


  5. Reblogged this on Declination and commented:
    I recently had the honor of having one of my long-winded rants selected for posting at the Otherwhere Gazette. And it’s a doozy. In it, I refer to SJWs and Progressives by their more ancient name: Weasels. They have been known throughout history by this name, and it is time to bring it back.

    Read it if you dare. But please, do comment there as opposed to here for this one. I was very pleased when they chose to feature my writing there.


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