How in the world?

So, author Lou Antonelli did something even he admits was stupid. He sent a letter to the Spokane PD noting he had some concerns about safety at Sasquan.

Apparently in the letter he stated that David Gerrold was “insane and a public danger and needs to be watched when the convention is going on.”

Now in my considered opinion, David Gerrold is a nut, but probably not a public danger, unless you’re a tribble, or wearing a red shirt.

The Sasquan con committee kicked Antonelli out, even though he was nominated in the short story category for a Hugo.

Lou apologized, Gerrold accepted, Lou was reinstated and the SJWs went bananas. Lou was accused of all sorts of unnaturalness, attempted SWATTING and plans to turn the Amazon into Post-It notes. Never mind that the only group which has called in bomb and/or death threats has been the other side, to include 10 bomb threats called into a game conference which just happened to have several Gamergate speakers.

All of this is completely beside the point however.

The question no one is asking is “how did the Sasquan committee find out about a tip called into police, let alone who called it in.

You see, Gerrold’s life was never in any danger, nor was he really a danger — although I’m not sanguine about some of his supporters, who make rabid skunks look like cute and fuzzy bunnies — but by revealing not only the tip, but  who made it someone, I’m presuming the Spokane PD, certainly put Lou’s life in danger. So did Sasquan by publicly revealing information that should have been kept close to the vest until and unless a definitive threat was identified or an arrest made.

That is the question people should be asking. That is what people should be concerned about.

Not that Lou Antonelli did something even he admits was dumb, but rather that it’s no longer safe to call or write the police with serious concerns about safety.

If Lou is assaulted or accosted at WorldCon, it will be the fault of the Spokane PD and the Sasquan committee, not Lou Antonelli.


Edit: So apparently Lou mentioned this letter in a podcast, therefore it wasn’t the Spokane PD who let the cat out of the bag. No, what that means is that some bed-wetting liberal ran screaming to the con committee about badthink wrongfan Lou and nearly got a Hugo nominee kicked out for his understandable concern about the anti-puppies who seem to think there’s no tactic so vile that it shouldn’t be used to exorcise wrongfun.

So my point still stands, if Lou is accosted it will lay at the door of the Sasquan committee. (As an aside, I will note that if the Puppies, Sad and Rabid, were as dangerous as the Panty-bunchers think they wouldn’t have dared to actually run to the committee out of fear, as the Panty-wadders are moral and physical cowards.)

About Patrick Richardson

Patrick Richardson is a nearly 30-year veteran of the newspaper industry -- until {GIANT NEWSPAPER CONGLOMERATE} decided to save his salary. He has covered everything from local news to breaking national stories for such outlets as PJMedia.com and The Daily Caller.

6 comments on “How in the world?

  1. Actually, as I heard it, Antonelli mentioned it in an aside during a podcast. . .

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  2. If so that only makes it worse, Sasquan flips out over a off hand comment in a podcast, but their own FB page states a letter.


  3. Sasquan handled it remarkably well. One of Lou’s editors, on the other hand, did not. She reacted too quickly, too strongly, on not enough information, and instead of backing down, dug her heels in.

    Remember to 72 hour rule. Never react to an incomplete story for at least 72 hours, so that more concrete facts can come in.

    Gerrold deserves some credit for playing to role of Gracious Gentleman in this, considering he suffered no actual harm. people like N.K. Jemison, OTOH, who got on SasQuan’s FB post demanding that Lou be punished, even though he did the right thing and was forgiven by all involved, did not exactly cover themselves in glory. After all, who would apologize to any SJW in the future if they knew it would change nothing about their demands for someone’s utter destruction?

    And they wonder where the civility has gone?

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