Geeky Parenting, How To?

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We become what we read.

I just married and got 4 bonus kids in the bargain. This has had one side effect I had not considered, I wound up with geek children to deal with. This is a new experience for me to deal with. While I have been stepparent to more than my share of children in my previous relationships, none of them were at all geeky. My new kids are DU1 a band/math geek, DU2 a band/Batman/drama geek, DU3 a science/Batman geek, and SU1 a gaming geek.

All my previous experiences with raising children were with mundane kids. Most of them either didn’t read or were only into what was “hot”. Yes I experienced a small amount of fascination with Harry Potter or Goosebumps or whatever was popular at the time, I did not have any serious readers. The difference was brought home yesterday when DU3 saw a sign on a store saying BOOKS. We had to go. $50 poorer but a dozen books richer we left the store an hour later.  These were used books and covered a range from Calvin and Hobbes to strange facts of Science (some were for the wife).

I have no knowledge of how to nurture geeky kids. I have made some observations over the years though. My information is all second hand because all my previous relationships were with mundane women, a very different situation.

Geeky babies are fairly easy, take them to the con with you and let the others ooh and awww. Small kids aren’t much harder, give them a few toys and drag them along with you. With geekiness surrounding them and other kids their age around it should work. Well, with the same supervision other kids that size get, so that Sally doesn’t beat up Dick, and Jane doesn’t get lost chasing Spot.

Older children become more of a challenge, do they like the geek stuff? Do they hate your friends and lifestyle? Or do they become uber geeks and make their future life among mundanes a problem? I am sure that varies, I simply don’t know.

Since I have older bonus children I have to deal with one of those problems right away. DU3 is just barely a teen, and fascinated with all things Batman and sidekick. Actually she is more into the various incarnations of the Boy Blunder, Robin and Nightwing etc. The problem with this? Well like all young teengirls she obsesses about her interest. When she is conscious and not reading there is an incessant barrage of all things related coming from her. This makes for a bit more data on comic books than I would prefer. You know how it is with us older folks.

SU1 is more into his devices, give him unlimited battery life and Minecraft or whatever to play with plus a few books and you would only hear from him when hungry or thirsty. I don’t believe in unfettered access, neither do his father and mother. DU3 is nearly as bad so we limit it. Probably not as much as we should, we have things to do ourselves and we also spend too much time with the computers. In our defense she is a writer and I do a little scribbling myself.

As you see I don’t really know how to raise geek kids, still I guess I have to learn on the job. As always when raising kids, I expect to screw up some things, nail others, and hope the kids own self makes the rest of it right.
This will not turn into a family/daddy blog despite the subject matter of the last few weeks. I’ve simply been so busy that I haven’t been able to do other subjects justice. That will change. Until then I’m going to buckle the restraining harness and kick in the afterburners. Whooee what a ride!




6 comments on “Geeky Parenting, How To?

  1. My StepD has a geeky young son and a all things music older daughter. She is doing a wonderful job even though she is pretty mundane. Raise them as usual and be there when they need help. Bought all the advice I can give. But then I raised my siblings and no children of my own. 😉

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    • Oh, we’ll do it. Cedar and her ex have been doing a good job, I just have to adjust my game. Fortunately they are good kids, much easier than some of the ones I’ve tackled. I’m just a little overwhelmed by the change

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  2. Listen. Pay attention. They have tastes and interests of their own. Budget permitting and they don’t go into anything illegal or excessively dangerous, there’s nothing wrong with indulging those tastes and interests.


  3. Look at the bright side, when they are quiet it is business as usual…. when my brothers and I got quiet my Parents came running in a fearful hurry, with good reason. My sons are geeky and I really appreciate it, no fires, no explosions, nothing too unexpected.

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  4. Well, my experience is from the being-a-geek-child-of-geekish-parents, but the thing that really helped me was my parents talking to me like an adult (as far as taking it seriously– they took what I said seriously, and I responded with respect for those I spoke to…up until they show that they won’t return it, anyways) and the conversations connecting the stuff I was interested in to stuff I didn’t know as much about– for Batman, maybe tie it to that theme in previous history? He’s the Dark Knight, so of course he’s got a Squire.

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