Open Letter to the Owners of Tor

First some housekeeping issues from my last post here.:

Mike Glyer, I skimmed a few of the comments on File 770 last time and I want to give you Kudos for standing up for Cedar against the mouth breather that wanted to call her a dog. If you exercised such discretion about more of your commenters it would make me much happier with you in general. Still, I do think you did the right thing there.

Someone else commented and called me The Begley. Thank you but I do not deserve that honor. The (Last Name) is the title of the clan head among the Gaels. I am not the clan head, if indeed there is even a clan Begley as such, but thank you for the honor nonetheless.

I also wish to thank those who asked whether I was 12. If my writing came off like a 12 year old it was hitting about the right level, you see I was writing for you guys last week and the 12 year old level is about as much as you can handle.

On that note I owe an apology to the typical follower of the anti-Puppy slate. Someone mentioned my use of the term insulata. They were confused because they looked it up and it was a sort of moth. That is my fault, I am used to writing for people who have the ability to think instead of follow the rote directions of their betters. I was attempting to coin a term for the insular, self proclaimed elite of the Truefen. While any Puppy would have understood that, I was writing for the anti Puppy side and should have realized such comments are above them. I do apologize.

Final note on last week’s post. Someone helpfully pointed out that I am terrible at spelling names. Brad Torgersen will forgive me for he knows I don’t have much reason to use his last name. The others whose names I misspelled? They aren’t important enough for me to care how they want their names spelled.

Now that old business is as finished as it is going to get, I am going to address this week’s idiocy on the Insulata side. A bigoted attempt at being a human being was disgustingly hateful about 6 weeks ago. Since, unlike the Insulata, most of us do not scour the web looking of reasons to be offended it only came to general notice this weekend. Before you scream VOOOOOOOOOOXXX DAAAAYYY!!  note that neither I nor most of the Sad Puppies bother following Vox. I heard about it on a private group I host where people can say the  things they want about anything from  the latest idiocies of the (Dem/Rep) party to the absolute horror that their beloved spouse perpetuated on the family dinner table the night before, without making it public. A place to vent.

For those of you so stupid dim you actually believe the Sad puppy movement is populated by Neo-Nazis, homophobes, racists, misogynists, and other low life scum you can discontinue reading right now. Your intelligence level is so low as to make you absolutely subhuman. In other words you are going to lie about what I say, so why waste your time reading on. You have now been offended enough to perpetuate your lies and I don’t care.

The offensiveness of Gallo isn’t a stand alone thing. She is mostly echoing the same sort of thing as Mushie and the N-Hs. Where she went beyond the pale is calling us Neo-Nazis. I’m not going into details about people like Peter Grant who still bears scars, along with shrapnel fragments, from his time fighting Apartheid and real Neo-Nazis. Nor about how the implications of Neo-Nazism on the part of Active and veteran members of the Armed Services reflect that by implication all members of the military are Neo-Nazis or accepting of it.

What I am going to tell you is that if you believe any of those accusations you are so insulated from reality, living in little echo chambers, that you have an actual mental problem. Since mental illness is defined mostly as an inability to see reality, believing that really is mental illness. BTW if you want treatment for that particular form of insanity you need to find a shrink that isn’t also infected.

From a strictly business point of view the lies perpetuated by virtually all the senior staff of Tor indicates that , despite Tom Doherty’s denial, it is the policy of Tor. I have always admired Mr. Doherty for his service to SF. Sadly it is apparent that despite his history he is no longer in control. Given his age I find that unsurprising. Still the lawyers had to put him on stage in order to attempt damage control. Oddly enough many of the Insulata are attacking him for even that much attempt to ameliorate the damage done by the bigot.

Since the Neo-nazi comment was beyond the pale, despite tolerating the lies and libels of racist, misogynist, homophobic, and any other nasty comment  the Insulata were able to come up with, I have written an open letter to the actual owners of Tor. The Holtzbrink company is a German company and well aware of the implications of the term Neo-Nazi

To Stefan Holtzbrink, Ceo Holtzbrink


I apologize for writing in English. While I learned a fair amount of colloquial German during my six years of service in the Federal Republic of Germany it has been many years since I last used it and I never became literate in the language.

I am writing in regard to the behavior of a number of the editors of one of your subsidiaries, Tor Publishing. They have for personal reasons, and perhaps business ones maligned many veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces of the United States. The disgusting accusations of Teresa and Patrick Nielsen-Hayden were unacceptable but did not rise to the point of disturbing you. Neither did the rantings of editor Moshe Feder. While possibly legally actionable, and certainly libelous, they were, if not acceptable, something that could be dealt with at a lower level.

The accusations of of the creative editor for Tor, one Irene Gallo, went beyond that. She accused a number of veteran and active members of the U.S. Military of being Neo-Nazis. By implication she implied that all members of the Armed forces of the U.S. were the same or accepting of that. This while using her personal Facebook page, where she routinely pushes the Tor business and while pushing a new release by Tor. Since a casual perusal of her page indicates that it is primarily a marketing tool of Tor this was effectively an indication that Tor, and by extension Holtzbrink consider the U.S. military Neo-Nazis. As a veteran I would like a clarification of whether this is indeed the position of Holtzbrink.

Thank you for your time,

Sanford Begley

U.S. Army 1976-1985


18 comments on “Open Letter to the Owners of Tor

  1. I stand with this.
    U.S. Navy 1970 – 1974

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  2. (I loved the ‘Insulata’ line 🙂 I thought it was perfect!)


  3. I too stand with this, STS 1 (ss) W. Lehman, USN (ret) U.S. Navy 1980-2000, Currently working for the US Navy as a Civilian.

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  4. Grandfather fought against the real thing back in the forties in the USAAF, and would take exception that himself, his son, grandsons, grand daughter in laws and great grandson were being called that.

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  5. Well done, sir. Shot across the bow.


  6. As I have posted on FB, my Dad served on a Coast Guard cutter in WWII, helping send several nazi sub crews to the bottom in a battle in February 1943. As his firstborn and an SP3 nominee, I will never forgive being so slandered, and will never accept an apology.


  7. Someone brought up the point that Irene Gallo may actually believe her accusations. If so, she should be in a facility for the insane

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  8. One of the things that has bothered me the most is that I’ve been told that this meme does not exist, that Gallo was an isolated incident. “It was just ONE person saying it.” I’ve been gaslighted and called a liar for pointing out that this has been an ongoing meme.

    This is personally one of my favorite hyperbolic attacks:

    I almost lost a friend because he sent me this to try to convince me how bad the puppies were.

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    • Well of COURSE it isn’t a conspiracy by those in control to maintain that control. All Pups are truly evil and slavering to crank up the gas chambers. Hmm, how long before someone posts that piece of sarcasm as further evidence of our guilt?


      • I like how that guy somehow forgot that it was the radical socialists who were doing the rounding up into box cars and not the other way around.

        The only person I’ve seen in fairly recent memory unironically and nonsarcastically suggest rounding people up to gas was Geordie Tait (a washed up ex-Wizards of the Coast creative director), who literally thought people who disagreed with Anita Sarkeesian should be put into concentration camps and gassed or thrown in ovens.

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        • didn’t you get the memo? Liberals, Progressives and other socialists are incapable of doing evil. Well at least they claim that. Somehow all the evidence points the other way


  9. Ooh, that’s gonna leave a mark.

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  10. You know the funny thing is they are on the fast track to making vox the most important man in science fiction. They bring him into every stinking discussion. The Man lives in their heads. I personally think it’s hilarious.

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    • And they will never understand that. If you have not read my post from last week I would advise it, more on this theme you bring up 🙂


  11. I agree with this- JL Curtis, LT USN Ret 1970-1992


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