The Lost Art of IDIC

A long time concept in Star Trek was the idea of mutual respect for other people.

IDIC – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations – exemplified this concept perfectly. It was an idea whose time had arrived, fresh in the turmoil of the raging ’60’s with racial unrest, political upsets and social offenses.

eicjM37And yet – and yet the idea that we could respect other ideas, other people, other faiths came into its own full blown.

Since then, however, the IDIC has become tarnished, degraded, corrupted. Those who once widely proclaimed adherence to ‘tolerance’ are anything but. Tolerant – but only if you agree with us. And those who try to practice tolerance are mocked, derided, verbally abused and lied about.

“The glory of creation is in its infinite diversity—and the ways our differences combine to create meaning and beauty.”

When a literary group seeks to expand inclusion, and is attacked as being the wrong types to do this.
When a non-violent religion is mocked and derided, then told they need to ‘get over it’.
When business owners who just want to succeed are forced to violate their personally held beliefs, to assuage the MOB.

Maybe it’s time the purveyors of Tolerance learn anew the meaning of the word.


2 comments on “The Lost Art of IDIC

  1. As much as it pains me to say it, I sort of agree with the SJWs. If you look at their actions, they are all for diversity in irrelevant(1) attributes, such as skin color or sexual identity. They are all for uniformity in relevant ones, such as moral code.

    I agree. I don’t mind if the guy working next to me is Hindu, Atheist, or a devout follower to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I don’t care if his skin is white, black, yellow, or green with purple polka dots(2). I don’t care if he wants to wear a dress, take hormones, and call himself Chelsea.

    But if I can’t trust him not to steal from me, or publish my secrets, that I mind a great deal.

    (1) Irrelevant in most social contexts. Obviously, my wife’s sexual identity is of interest to me.

    (2) OK, the last one would worry me a bit.


  2. The IDIC concept is acceptance of others in their differences, not trying to force everyone into the same pattern. In society today we have many people from widely disparate backgrounds. When we interact, there must, by necessity, be a certain degree of mutual adjustments. And each grouping is going to have a different adjustment based on the persons comprising it. If your group, for example, has a preponderance of Hindi, the traits of the group will take on a decided Hindu identity. But non-Hindu members add their distinctiveness as well. Which is why an Indian restaurant in San Antonio, Texas may also serve hot tortilla chips and salsa as an appetizer. They’ve taken on the coloration of the group identy.

    The idea of SJW’s being the only champions for racial identity is ludicrous. They tend to magnify differences with the focus of having acceptance by all of those difference. So even if you don’t particularly like Hindi cuisine, you personally will be ostracized for not eating it, preferring, say, Italian. And any Hindi cafe would be forced to follow strict Hindi menus. Of course, they are also the ones making the rules; not the individual groups.


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