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Thoughts on a memorial day screed

Michelle-Stryder Fisher said:

“So, I get sad on Veteran’s and Memorial Day.

I am proud of all who have served, and thankful, you do/did something I’m not equipped to do.

But it makes me sad. I learned about hell, the real one, the day my grandfather told me what it was like surviving Pearl Harbor the day of the attack, what he felt holding his fellows in his arms trying to get them to shore to a medic while their burned bodies fell apart in his arms. My other grandfather rarely spoke of his service. I learned only after he passed away how much he’d seen and done. Though I always understood what he meant when he told us he died the day they landed on the beaches.

I’m proud of them. I am. I’m thankful for what they fought for and why they chose to fight. I am.

But I am sad. So many brave men and women who go and fight to protect, to guard, to make the world a better place. Some living or dying overseas in horrible situations. PoW/MiA …

I can not fight. Not like they can. Maybe its grandiose of me, but my weapon is my keyboard. My cause, to try and find a way for the deamons of the world to give those men and women peace. I am realist enough to accept that there might always be war. I am sad because sometimes it feels like my friends, and now my daughters friends, are fighting the same daemons my grandfathers fought.

I am not the pacifist who spits on the brave people who fight for me, but the pacifist who wishes she could make the world a better place, so there would be less need for their bravery.

Thank you for your service, I’m sorry for the daemons yet to be slain.”

and to this I reply

Understand, we DID fight the same demons your grandpas fought.

My son will most probably fight them again. My Granddaughters, yet again… adinfinitum.

For demons can not truly be slain. They live in the hearts of evil men, selfish men, and men with no moral compass beyond what benefits them this day. These demons can only be banished for a little while, we see them in microcosm in bad politics, in organized crime, in ghetto warfare of all types, from Drug dealer turf wars, to gang warfare, to riots burning down the very neighborhoods they are claiming to represent.

We see them writ large where ever good men do nothing, or flee from demons that seem to out number them. For if they are not combated when small, they grow in size, and in power. They can never be killed, but only banished for a little time. Some men where called to this banishment, this task that others shy from. We where the “rough men”. We where the men and women who are vilified when our elected leaders use us poorly, or, when watching our friends, our brothers, sacrificed on the alter of civilization in vain due to political divisions, or in the interest of winning the hearts and minds of our enemy at the cost of using less than needed force, snapped and USED the force needed to procure victory, even if it means innocents die because the demons are hiding behind them.

But we would do it all over again, and we WILL do it all over again at need, us or our progeny, for as long as civilization shall last.

This is by definition, for when there are no men to fight these demons, civilization ends.  It ends by falling to the demons of greed, of racism (Real racism, the sort that is going on in Africa on tribe verses tribe, the sort that is going on in China and in the Middle East, the sort that went on in Nazi Germany, not the micro aggressions claimed by someone who’s never missed a meal in their lives, or who live in a country that gives them every thing they need to live an thrive if only they would use it instead of proclaiming victimhood) of Naked power and conquest.  

It will rise again only when and where men and women again decide that they are willing to sacrifice their lives that others live free.


About morrigan508

A retired submarine sailor and former cop, author of the John Fisher Chronicles, as well as a contributing author of the Otherwhere Gazette.

One comment on “Thoughts on a memorial day screed

  1. Excellent essay, and well said.

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