Gods and Geeks

Coexist-GeekGeekdom has the widest range of religious beliefs of any group in the world I think. I’m somewhere on the agnostic/atheist scale, depending on exactly how you define the words. My friends in Fandom include at least the following: Wiccans, Pagans, Neo-Pagans, Asatru, Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, and a host of others maybe. I don’t know mostly because I don’t generally care. If your belief works for you that is all that matters to me in general.

I do know I have an unusually large percentage of Mormons in my group, I have no idea why. I have a couple of very hard core Christians, one or two militant Atheists but, for the most part, most of them are very laid back about their beliefs. Even the ones who aren’t laid back are also not in your face most of the time. What I am going to talk about today are the exceptions.

You see, I don’t think militant religion has any place in Fandom, not that you should hide it but, that it shouldn’t override or drive your behavior as a fan. No, I am not saying you should hide your beliefs, nor that they should be set aside. I am saying that they are YOUR beliefs, not a command to others that must obey and follow. Simple fact of the matter is that religion is unimportant to those who don’t follow it. If you try to impose it upon people they will rebel, this goes double for fans.

I often find myself in the odd position as an agnostic of defending Christians. Most people consider the less mainstream religions odd enough not to attack them. Christians these days come under unfair attacks from the left and militant Atheists. Who don’t seem to understand that their beliefs should not be pushed any more than the Christians beliefs.

Mormons, the last few months, make up another group that gets attacked unfairly. For some reason the idiot side of Fandom has decided that Mormon is an insult and trumps anything else. I have trouble understanding that. While not one myself, or even being sure of the details of their religion, Mormons always seemed like good people to me in my dealings with them. Well, when I knew the people were Mormons. After all, most of the time I don’t know or care.

The one group that really bugs me are my fellow non-believers. Well that isn’t exactly true, they claim to be non-believers while being militant asses. I hear claims from Atheists that they get attacked for their beliefs, or lack thereof. I have been a non-believer all my adult life, and lived in the Bible belt most of it. I have never been attacked for it. Most believers, of any stripe, don’t care that you don’t believe. Other than worrying that you are missing out on the afterlife of course.


There are a couple of my Christian friends that do get on their high horses occasionally. Usually on a couple of specific topics. Either when Christianity is being attacked, or on the subject of abortion, which they consider murder.  I can actually understand the defense and the distaste for what they consider murder, so i don’t usually get upset by them. Usually.

Militant Atheists on  the other hand seem to think it is their mission in life to attack Christians. For some reason they don’t seem to care about the other religions. And trust me, if you believe in a god, calling god a Great Sky Fairy is an attack. And a rather insulting one as well. If you have used that term don’t tell me, I will automatically assume you are a worthless ass and treat you with the contempt you deserve. Being an Atheist should mean that you realize people with beliefs are slightly deluded. It should not mean that they are people you should attack. After all, while there are no proofs of the existence of gods, you have no proof of the non existence either. Saying otherwise makes you just as deluded as as those you disparage.

Basically my belief boil down to respect. Respect that others believe differently than you do. Respect their beliefs, even if you don’t share them. Most importantly, don’t be an ass.


17 comments on “Gods and Geeks

  1. Reblogged this on Cyn Bagley – Poet and Writer and commented:
    I enjoyed this article. There are a lot of beliefs and I am of the opinion that religion is the human way to make sense of the world around us and whatever is beyond this life.


  2. Don’t mince words. Tell me what you REALLY think. (!!)

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  3. And the last bit is the most important part of your posting. I agree with you; whether you share a belief with someone or not, they at least deserve the same amount of respect you want from them. After all, Do Unto Others is a fairly universal maxim, found in Christianity, Confucianism, and others. Well, maybe not Islamism, although many Muslims follow it. I do seek them as separate.


    • The Muslim situation is a bit trickier. I do believe in respecting their be4liefs, right up to the point where they try to push it on us. same as any of the other belief sets mentioned


  4. As long as they do no harm I don’t have any particular problem with any religion or lack thereof… But I do wonder about disbelief some times…

    If one doesn’t believe and others do, how does what must be considered fantasy harm one?

    Can’t argue with this though… “An it harm none, do what ye will”


    • And I hope that message came through. I wouldn’t have used that particular quote, simply because this is a Fandom issue and I feel that quote has too much Christian flavor


  5. There is a great Jefferson quote that applies directly to this, as well as many other issues…
    ” But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. ”

    So, if it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg, why should I care what you do?

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  6. Well said, Sanford.

    Our faiths, or lack thereof, are one aspect of our beings and often an important one for many of us, but is irrelevant within Fandom. I don’t care about whether you worship, God, Allah, Thor, Lugh, or whoever else.

    What I care about is your opinion on Firefly, Dr. Who, and the Monster Hunter books. 😀

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  7. The world would be a much better place is people were tolerant of others’ right to be wrong.

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  8. I agree. Anyone who believes they will change someone’s mind by getting in their face is deluded. Respect is the only way. Oh, and by the way, I am Baha’i. 🙂

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  9. People get mad when I call atheism a religion but some seem to treat it that way. This is coming from someone who is agnostic at best. I do find most in our group to be open minded at least which is good for me. Personally harm none do as you will I am good with it.


    • Note that I included Atheism as a religion. All religions do not require a god, just faith, and in too many cases, fanaticism.

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    • Yeah, I consider myself and atheist and I admit that I find the militant atheists as annoying as the extremists in any other group. I’m with you, harm none and I’m good with it.


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