Tie Fighter Wars: Review

Brad Johnson/Contributor
Star Wars: TIE Fighter is a short fan film made by Paul Johnson (aka OkaKing77077) over a period of about two and a half years. The video was inspired by the classic Windows and DOS game of the same name.
The video is about seven minutes long with no voice acting, and minimal story but in this case that works out for the better. It centers around a single battle between  the fleets of the  Rebel Alliance and the Empire. The Real gem in the film is the level of detail. From the accurate Star Wars lettering, to the never before shown on screen Twin Ion Engine everything is exact. Even the characters have full back stories. The music, while not what I normally listen to fits the video perfectly.
The video is the product of two years of one person hand drawing and animating an incredibly complex dogfight in space.
In conclusion: Star Wars: TIE Fighter is a definite must watch for any Star Wars fan. It’s two plus years of hard work crossing SW mythology with Robotech asthetics that turned into the perfect SW short film. Star Wars: TIE Fighter gets a five out of five. Disney needs to pay attention: This is the kind of Star Wars series that the fans want.

3 comments on “Tie Fighter Wars: Review

  1. Too bad he didn’t get the physis right, but it is Star Wars who didn’t either.


  2. I absolutely loved this, the creator also made a 3rd Doctor, Doctor Who animated fan film some years ago as well – his Daleks and Cybermen are outstanding.


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