You Lose!

Dear CHORFS, SJW’s and SMOF’s:

You poor sods. You’ve already lost.

When you rail at those who oppose you, then cut them off so they can’t respond to your accusations — Lose.

When you feed the same talking points to your pet news media, and they all faithfully spew the same lies they didn’t bother to check out (it’s called journalism) — Lose

When all your ‘special’ friends slip their leases and go on the attack, while you pretend you know nothing about their verbal attacks and suggestive aggressions — Lose.

When your more renowned members and figureheads condescendingly offer their Wisdom From On High — Lose.

When you vainly try to devise new rulings to exclude those whose only fault is they like good writing — Lose

When you Shame nominees with implied threats into renouncing their chance to win – Lose

You lose because the tactics you use are crystal clear to everyone else. You lose because the nominees you pressure to quit will remember they never had a chance before – because they didn’t measure up to your criteria. Soon they will realize they still won’t measure up; the goal posts shift too fast to catch them.

You lose because for years you played your games to nominate only the ones you approved of, and never let other fans know they could vote as well. You lose because your figureheads show themselves to be condescending, and appear foolish to everyone not already committed to your games.

You lose when you can only vote to silence other nominees with No Award. Frankly, it isn’t Vox Day you need to worry about: you’re doing an excellent job of sinking the Hugos on your own.

And you lose because you are trying – vainly – to keep out those you call wrongfen. Hey: we are fans. We read SF&F. We LIKE SF&F. and Games. And Movies. And Cosplay.

And finally, yoou lose because there are too many of us – the real fans – for you to pressure into quitting. When your targets are on good terms with their local law enforcement to warn them about possible swatting attempts, you lose. And you lose mostly because WE WILL NOT QUIT!

You want to cancel the Hugos? Frankly, I’d love the see the legal suit that would result in wrestling control away from you. But we have imaginations, and we can devise other awards, awards that will show the real worth of the winners; and we can develop voting systems to allow fans across the world (millions of us; kind of makes your bladder quiver, doesn’t it?)to vote for their selections, and WE CAN KEEP AN OPEN SYSTEM. We don’t have to operate in secret. We like the light. And because we do – – –


3 comments on “You Lose!

  1. John 3:19
    And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.


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