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Soon — as in Saturday — we will learn who has made it to the final ballot for the Hugo Awards. In case you aren’t already aware, there are those who are up in arms and crying that the sky is about to fall. Why? Because someone has dared to try to upset their apple cart. You see, there are folks out there who think the Hugos should actually be for the best science fiction and fantasy and not necessarily for message fiction that puts the message before the story. Some of those folks are people like Brad Torgersen and those who support Sad Puppies 3.

Contrary to what others are saying, SP3 is not about pushing forward a libertarian or conservative political agenda. In fact, if you look at everyone on the SP3 “slate” (it’s not really a slate as much as Brad’s recommendation based on his own reading and/or viewing), you will see people from across the political spectrum. You will also see that it is not an all-white, all-male listing. But, of course, SP3 detractors are quick to overlook or dismiss that.

Comes now the latest attack, a piece of whiny, “I’m not going to let them take my toys” piece written by Steve Davidson on the Amazing Stories site. It really is one of the biggest whinefests I’ve read in a long while and that’s saying something considering some of the things already being written about the upcoming Hugo announcement.

(One has to wonder why all the angst and foot stomping before the final nominees are announced. Do they have inside knowledge or what?)

Anyway, on to the post.

This announcement has already been pre-empted by at least two individuals who were informed by the Hugo Awards Committee of their impending nomination last week as is customary (done so to give folks the opportunity to decline).

I know of one and it was an honest mistake. The author in question did not know he wasn’t supposed to make the announcement and, once he was told — and not by anyone who is currently whining about what he did — he removed all posts referring to his nomination.

Read the whole thing here.


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