Holly Lisle resigns from SFWA, over ‘thuggery’

Ms. Kate Baker
Operations Manager

Dear Ms. Baker,

I’m canceling my SFWA membership.

While it was encouraging to see SFWA edging toward acceptance of the indie publishing model, it’s too little and too late, and offset by an appalling reason behind the change of SFWAs incorporating state.

SFWA moved from Massachusetts to California for the purpose of allowing SFWA to claim tax dollars to offer grants. I’m aware that there were other—good—reasons for the organization’s move, but this particular poison pill in the changes made to SFWA requires me to walk away and never look back.

The only money that can ever be honestly given comes voluntarily from the person who earned it—and taxes are not voluntary. Try not paying them if you doubt this.

Read the whole thing, particularly the part where she calls government and SFWA “thugs.”


2 comments on “Holly Lisle resigns from SFWA, over ‘thuggery’

  1. I don’t blame her. I was in a similar situation with a non-profit originally started to be a time-bank for musicians and artists; once the talk turned into how to get as much free government money as possible and the notion of the organization being about quid pro quo between artists & musicians in the scene (“I trade you some graphic design work for screening some T-shirts”), I walked away.


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