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SAD PUPPIES 3: the 2015 Hugo slate

Final day get your noms in!

Brad R. Torgersen

NOTE: Last updated on 2 MAR 2015. The stand-alone e-book for Ed Lerner’s “Championship B’tok” is now live, as well as an extensive (and very fascinating) interview with Charles E. Gannon!

And here it is! After much combobulating, the official SAD PUPPIES 3 slate is assembled! As noted earlier in the year, the SAD PUPPIES 3 list is a recommendation. Not an absolute. Gathered here is the best list (we think!) of entirely deserving works, writers, and editors — all of whom would not otherwise find themselves on the Hugo ballot without some extra oomph received from beyond the rarefied, insular halls of 21st century Worldcon “fandom.”

Which is where YOU guys come in. Everyone who’s signed up as a full or supporting member of either Loncon 3 (last year’s Worldcon) or Sasquan (this year’s Worldcon) or MidAmeriCon II (next year’s Worldcon.) If you agree with our slate below —…

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One comment on “SAD PUPPIES 3: the 2015 Hugo slate

  1. Niech zginie! Niech zginie!
    Smutny Szczenięta musi umrzeć.
    Na śmierć! Na śmierć! Na śmierć!


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