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Coherence or Are They Really Your Friends?

Coherence 1

I was scrolling through the list of movies on Amazon Prime, looking for something interesting to watch and I came across this movie called Coherence. I read the description and decided that I would give it a try. It is not a long movie, and just maybe it might actually be worth the ninety minutes that it runs.

I pushed play and so started the movie. It is slow in the beginning, setting up the characters and the location that everything happens at. The camera work kind of annoyed me a bit, just a bit shaky, but after awhile, it seems to go away.

The movie centers around a group of friends who have gathered to have dinner. It just happens that this night, a comet is going to be passing very close to Earth. Now, the comet is just a plot device to move the story. The premise behind what the comet causes does stretch the suspension of disbelief a bit, but the movie makes up for it overall.

The characters find themselves in a unique situation, one that many fans of science fiction have probably read about, thought about, and some who have probably used in their table top gaming a time or two. I don’t want to give to much away as I don’t like to spoil movies for people who have not seen them.

It is a decently written script, the pacing, the dialogue, everything worked for me. When they did the big reveal, you see it leading up to that, but it is still a great moment when the characters realize what is happening to them and their reaction to it.

I would recommend this movie as one to watch, but not one to buy, unless you feel the need to do so.

I give it Four out of Five Beards of Awesomeness.

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