The Social Justice Warrior Racist Reading Challenge, A Fisking.

BWAAHAHAHAHA, another masterful takedown of Princess Tempest Teacup by the great Larry Correia

Monster Hunter Nation

I’ve got work to do. I’ve got to finish the rough draft of a novel for a gaming IP by the end of February, and then I’ve got two short stories due the first part of March, but Monday morning I see this nonsense. How could I not take a minute to fisk it?


As usual, the original is italics and my comments are in bold.

I Challenge You To Stop Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors For One Year

Bold headline. Short answer? No.

I thought: what if I only read stories by a certain type of author?

On purpose? Then you’d probably be a racist.

K. Tempest Bradford

Pick any whackadoo Social Justice Warrior controversy in sci-fi/fantasy publishing over the last few years and you’ll find K. Tempest Bradford in the middle of it.  She is perpetually outraged that someone may be out there, right now, having…

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2 comments on “The Social Justice Warrior Racist Reading Challenge, A Fisking.

  1. Larry does the best fisking ever. It’s always a treat to see him give someone what they so richly deserve.

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  2. The only downside though is that Larry has to take time away from writing to apply the Tetsubo of fisking to who ever that drew his ire. 🙂


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