Kingsman: The Secret Service, well done camp

I have never read the Graphic Novel (when did comic books become graphic novels, anyway?) that this movie came from, but if I was into Graphic novels instead of the old school novel, this would be a mandatory look up for me.  Look, it’s camp.  It KNOWS it’s camp.  There’s even references in the movie to “if this where the sort of movie we both love, I would now take you prisoner, and arrange some sort of artistic death” etc.  This is simultaneously a send up, and a homage to every over the top spy thriller ever done.  AND IT WORKS.

Samuel L Jackson plays the sort of villain you love to hate, and plays him to a T.  Of course even here, I’m sure that there’s some SJW (social justice warrior) who is going to scream, because:

1)He’s black, the “good guys” are white,

2)His “thing” (all super villains have a “thing”) is that “mother Gaea” is being destroyed by humanity, and the only solution is to have humanity reverse decimated — In other words, he’s a rabid Greenie environmentalist, with the emphasis on MENTAL. and

3)His character has this most annoying lisp, which I am sure someone in the SJW crowd is going to equate to being gay, and of course you can’t show any of the protected species as anything but shining examples of the best and brightest, so EVIL for REASONS.

One day we’ll judge people upon the content of their character, not the color of their skin, and it won’t matter what gets them through the night, or what sort of plumbing they have, and we’ll acknowledge that folks is folks, some good, some bad, most somewhere in between, and what matters is character and intent.  That bad people are bad people, good people are good people, period full stop. Today how ever, is not that day, tomorrow ain’t lookin’ good either.  But I digress (I know, so what else is new?)

Some of the science struck me as immediate bullcrap, then I came across an article this morning (which I can’t find now) that gives some serious potential for messing with personality by radio/acoustic energy, so well, there’s some handwavium involved, but hey, you don’t go to a flick like this for the science, you go to a documentary for science, you go to a flick like this for entertainment.  Mission accomplished!

**** (on a 5* scale)


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18 comments on “Kingsman: The Secret Service, well done camp

  1. Wow.

    I liked the movie, but as someone that has been called a SJW on this site (as a pejorative, mind you) I didn’t think any of those things.

    Either I’m a broken SJW or you’re incorrect. I guess it doesn’t matter which is true, because they both mean it’s of dubious quality for you to try and project imagined reactions of this sort onto others.

    (P.S. My favorite bit is where you spend longer on your imaginings than actual traits of the actual movie.)

    Review: ** (on a 5* scale)


    • Wow.

      That’s funny because some SJW’s have made all those claims he suggests.


      • And more. But!

        That doesn’t relate to my points (which, you’ll note was not that “SJWs don’t or won’t make those points).


        • Yo, KBTibbs! You didn’t close your double quotes. You know you can’t edit these posts. Slow down, and try your hand a bit at proofreading before hitting the post button. Jebus.

          You’re right, self. Three lashes?

          Make it four.


        • You said: “Either I’m a broken SJW or you’re incorrect.”

          So, you implied he was wrong. He’s not.

          Now, maybe you’re not really a SJW. I don’t really know who you are, so I can’t say. I can say that you made that point, and that was the only one I was addressing.


          • Okay, I stand corrected. I also said it was of dubious quality to make such statements. Do you disagree with that? Because, to me, that’s the larger issue.


            • Yeah, I disagree, but it wasn’t a hill I was interested in fighting over.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Shame. I think if one wanted to use Kingsman as a lens to examine SJWs, a lot could be done and a lot more intelligently.

                You have Sam Jackson as a self-made black billionaire vs a white chav hooligan.
                A female assassin with blade legs.
                The new Galahad is female.
                Jabbing at social class/breaking past the circumstance of one’s birth as a major theme.
                Goals of saving the world from man vs saving the world for anal sex with a princess.

                But I guess, LISP = GAY is about as seriously as we’ll be taking this today.

                It’s a shame too, because of all the stereotypical “gay traits” the vocal affectation isn’t a lisp, it is (surprise!) the opposite. But if people talk funny, they talk funny.

                Le sigh.


  2. “Either I’m a broken SJW or you’re incorrect. I guess it doesn’t matter which is true, because they both mean it’s of dubious quality for you to try and project imagined reactions of this sort onto others.”
    “That’s funny because some SJW’s have made all those claims he suggests.”
    “And more. But!

    That doesn’t relate to my points”
    Double speak at it’s best.


  3. Graphic Novels are generally the term for long-form comic books, typically perfect-bound softcovers rather than stapled. Complicating matters, however, is that graphic novels are sometimes published as a series of comic books before being collected in a single volume, and comics publishers also use the term for softcover anthologies of comic books. (Confused yet?)

    To sum up: a graphic novel is a perfect-bound softcover comic book, typically about 96-128 pages. Its content may or may not have been published first as a series of 32-page stapled comics.

    What’s important to remember is that it’s fundamentally a printing/marketing category and says nothing about the quality of the work or its literary significance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OK, fair enough. I’ve seen a few that were really worth my time (the old wolfriders, actual name escapes me, I’m at work. and the Agatha Heterodyne stuff is a lot of fun) But really, in general not my thing, my mind’s eye has better rendition than the printer.


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