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Wisdom from my Internet

Michael Z. Williamson is, well, he’s Mad Mike for Ghu’s sweet sake. In addition to writing tasty morsels like Freehold and the Ripple Creek books. Aside from dealing in lots of nice, sharp and pointy things, he’s also a master of snark.

As he puts it:

Fans have kept asking for a collection of the snark, one-liners, and free-for-all political bombs I hurl at everything. Read to find out why I’m called a left winger, right winger, anarchist, Christian apologist, atheist, sexist and man-hater. And if you belong to a psych department, I’m happy to participate in a study. For a price.

Go check out this lovely offering from Patriarchy Press, Wisdom from My Internet, and prepare to be offended.

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Patrick Richardson is a nearly 30-year veteran of the newspaper industry -- until {GIANT NEWSPAPER CONGLOMERATE} decided to save his salary. He has covered everything from local news to breaking national stories for such outlets as PJMedia.com and The Daily Caller.

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